All About Us

 Thank you for visiting our company:
 which means 'Analysis Technics Instruments'

Our company ATG GmbH consists of service technicians experienced of many years in analysis instruments and was outsourced from CARL ZEISS, Oberkochen in 1996.

           Our area of responsibilities are:
          Distribution of new and completely overhauled photometers, refractometers and polarimeters for the determiation of the concentration as a function of the refractive index, respectively of the absorbance and the transmission of light in physics and optical or chemical industry.
            New laboratory refractometers and photometers used for production control in the chemical and food industry. Remarkable features are their tough materials, their narrow tolerances and thermostatability and their resistance to most aggressive chemicals which guarantee a long life. Another field of application are research at universities and purity control.  
    Distribution of accessories like photometer cells, polarimeter tubes and parts of optical instruments subject to wear and tear which were manufactured by CARL ZEISS, West Germany and ATG.
Original spareparts for photometers, refractometers and circle polarimeters offered on request by ATG GmbH in the same quality as you are accustomed to.  
    Accessories for samples and standards for instruments measuring whiteness and colour (e. g. powder press according to DIN 5033 and PTB-certificated BaSO4 or opal glass standard).
Service, repair and maintenance of the above mentioned instruments are carried out in our own workshop.  
    We would also be very happy to welcome you personally in the beautiful region of our Swabian mountains.